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British Monarchy

Thursday 2nd March saw the year 5s taking a trip to Hatfield House to meet Henry VIII and understand what life was like in Tudor times. Prior to this trip we spent time learning a song that we would then perform for King Henry VIII. The year was 1544 as the children arrived at the Old Palace. We visited different areas within the estate including the Elizabeth Oak. The children enjoyed meeting King Henry VIII, Queen Catherine Parr, Thomas Tallis and one of Henry VIII’s most trusted soldiers. They learnt about being a soldier and found out that an arrow can be shot within 4 seconds so if they were running from the bus that would take 3 minutes they would all have been shot. Overall a fantastic trip that the children loved and learnt lots from!


Quotes of the Day:

What is the name of the prince, Henry VIII's son?

Year 5: Tony


On my clothing is a H and R. What does the H stand for?

Year 5: Henry

And what does the R stand for?

Year 5: Roy

Tudor Day

On Monday 27th March, the children stepped back in time to life as a Tudor. During the morning the children made Tudor ruffs which is a circular pleated collar that Kings and Queens would wear as part of their outfit. After break it was cooking time and on the menu was beef and carrot pies- we learnt about the different food that was eaten during Tudor times and how it differed between rich and poor families. After lunch the children were told that there had been a murder- Rickon, who was Lord and Lady Stark's jester, had been murdered and the children had to figure out who the murderer was. The children had a fantastic day and really enjoyed eating their pies that they had made!