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Pupil Premium Spending

Pupil Premium

At Micklem Primary School we use our pupil premium funding in a range of ways.


We have a projected budget of £100,320 for the financial year 2016 17


Teaching assistants and higher level teaching assistants are funded for additional hours to support children in personalised and small group interventions throughout the school day.  A higher level teaching assistant and a teaching assistant have become 'pupil premium champions' and they are employed to work specifically with named classes with the focus on pupil premium children.

Support is offered through a range of initiatives such as one to one tuition, extra curriculum sessions in maths and English, support for children to attend school trips and school journey's.

Pupil premium children identified as musically enthusiastic or talented are in receipt of additional music lessons in the following instruments; clarinet, djembe, guitar and brass.

Some children are supported socially, emotionally and to encourage punctuality and attendance through places at the breakfast and after school club.  The school has used pupil premium funding to contribute to the full time employment of a learning mentor/ pastoral support worked

The pupil premium strategy for 2016 17 is focused on personalising support for each individual child.

We received £3323 in Early Years pupil premium and during 2016 this was used to provide additional support for early language development through the employment of an additional adult in the nursery.

Impact of Pupil Premium spending.


Key Stage 1 number in cohort Reading APS Writing APS Maths APS
Non PPG 11 17.2 16.3 16.9
PPG  14 15.9 15.0 17.3
Within school gap   -1.3 -1.3 +0.4
Comparison with national other pupils APS   -1.2 -0.8 +0.4
Comparison with PPG pupils nationally   +0.7 +1.0 +2.2



Key Stage 2  Number in cohort  Reading  Writing  Maths 
Non-PPG 7 31.3 30.4 31.1
PPG 15 29.8 29.0 29.0
Within school gap    -1.5 -1.4 -1.1
Comparison with national other pupils APS     +0.2 +0.1 -1.2
Comparison with PPG pupils nationally    +2.2 +2.4 +1.3


Whilst there is still a within school gap in most areas between non-disadvantaged children and disadvantaged children, disadvantaged children in Micklem Primary School attain more highly than disadvantaged children nationally.  Over time the gap is being narrowed and closed in maths at KS2, it is being narrowed in writing and reading.