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Road Safety

Road Safety Day

On Monday 27th February year 5 participated in a road safety day. The children were given the task of producing a play in a day, which was all about being safe near the roads and also helping the environment in terms of pollution. The children had a fantastic day and produced an excellent play, which the rest of the school came and watched. Below are some pictures and a video of part of their performance.


Still image for this video

Road Safety with GIST

On Tuesday 13th June, the children spent the afternoon working with the company GIST. They spent part of the afternoon in the classroom learning about the Green Cross Code and also facts about lorries-

Did you know that if a lorry has to make an emergency stop it will take a lorry, travelling at 30mph, 25 metres to reach a complete stop (the length of 6 cars)?

1 lorry weighs 44 tones which is the same as 76 cows.

Did you know you can fit 22,000 sandwiches in a lorry?

The children then moved into the car park where there was a lorry parked, where they used a rope to see the distance the lorry would need to stop. Year 5 also learnt how to cross the road when there is a lorry- this included waving at the lorry driver and knowing that if the lorry driver waved back it meant that they had seen them. The best part for the children was probably being able to climb into the cab of the lorry- everyone found the bouncy chair and the bed in the back fun and interesting- Mrs Harvey and I were even allowed to get in! In the cab of the lorry the children were able to see what a lorry driver could see, although some of our year 5s struggled to see over the steering wheel and dashboard!