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How are our children empowered to make a difference?


At Micklem, we have many ways in which the pupils are able to make big decisions as to how the school could be developed and improved.  We have a number of groups, led by elected members, who do this.  


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We also value the ideas and input of our pupils to help solve different issues in and around school.  In the Spring term 2016, we had a number of issues with children play fighting at break and lunchtimes.  We asked the children involved to research what the issue was and how we could solve it.  They carried out a survey and a budget was made available to them to purchase equipment.  The report for this work can be seen below:

Have you got any suggestions for our school council or house captains?

If you have any great ideas which could be discussed at a school council or house captain meeting, speak to one of the representatives in school. Alternatively, add your ideas below and one of them will come and speak to you.