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The National Curriculum 2014 is established by the government, and is followed by schools throughout the country. The National Curriculum sets out

• the subjects that are taught in school
• the knowledge, skills, and understanding required in each subject
• the standards or attainment targets in each subject, which teachers use to measure progress and plan pupils’ next steps
• how progress is assessed and reported.


Within the National Curriculum framework, schools are free to plan the teaching and learning of pupils in whatever way best meets the needs of the pupils.  Micklem School uses a topic based approach to teaching history, geography, art and design technology.  It is through the teaching of the class topic that the children are enabled to develop their skills in using maths, science, computing and English in a practical way.  English, maths and science are taught as separate subjects however where they can be these subjects are linked to topic based work. 

Please look at our Curriculum pages to find out how each year group is covering the curriculum through topic work and what the children will be learning.


Micklem School provides a variety of reading schemes to suit the needs and interests of our pupils, we believe children need to experience a range and variety of books.  We have a refurbished library that is used by the whole school.  Each class also has a comprehensive class library. 


Phonics are taught using the letters and sounds phonic programme.  The scheme that the school uses is 'Phonics play'

The National Curriculum

Please follow this link to find the national curriculum document on which we base our learning