Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Key Information

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Key Information pages of our website.  Here, you should be able to find useful information about our school and how we run.  If you cannot find something specific, please contact our school office who will be happy to help.


Our Mission Statement:

Learning, achieving, working together


Learning: we put learning first and view our school as a community of learners

Achieving: we believe every child can achieve and our ethos promotes a growth mindset viewpoint where there should be no barriers to achievement

Working together: we are a community and we value ourselves and each other, we believe developing our own skills at cooperation is key


The key aims of our school are:

  • To provide a secure, stimulating, caring and happy environment for all.
  • To encourage all to achieve their potential.
  • To give each child a solid foundation through a sound value system, and to encourage participation in all aspects of school life.
  • To develop a partnership with parents/carers and good relationships with the local community.
  • To promote tolerance and respect for each other.
  • To effectively resource and implement the National Curriculum through broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To acquire learning skills and an understanding of how to learn
  • To create situations that will encourage children to work collaboratively, co-operatively as well as independently.