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Exciting Learning!

Exciting Learning!

It has been fantastic to see so much exciting learning happening in classes over the past couple of weeks.  The summer holidays already seem like a distant memory!  Every year, each class will study three topics, spread across the three terms.  Much of the work covered in English will link into this topic work as well as other subject areas. 

In Year 1 we spent the morning becoming builders to link to our topic of ‘Homes’. We got ourselves dressed like builders in High Vis jackets, hard hats and boots. We had been looking at Handa’s Surprise and learning about native African homes so we began creating ‘bricks’ from mud as well as resourcing sticks and leaves to use.

Year 2 have begun a topic learning about the Great Fire of London.  They have taken part in some drama activities and begun learning all the gory details about The Plague, which happened at the same time!

Year 3 started their topic with a Stone Age day. They had to make Stone Age accessories, including spears and necklaces of teeth, and work as a tribe to hunt and gather their lunch. After tackling a very dangerous cave lion and some vicious rabbits they had a tasty lunch around the campfire with berries, apples, salad leaves and some roasted reindeer (which looked very similar to marshmallows!)

Year 4 'sailed' from Denmark to Britain (across the playground) as Anglo-Saxon invaders of Britain. They then worked as Anglo-Saxon craftspeople making jewellery and weaving cloth.

Year 5 started this topic- Shang Dynasty- by walking into a classroom with Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling and traditional Chinese music playing in the background- something very different. We spent the day learning about where the Shang Dynasty was located in China by using Atlases and maps to draw and label different features on our own maps.

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the new school year!  We have started a DT project to design and build a model Anderson Shelter in line with our new topic; The World Wars.  The children have been very interested to learn about the different aspects of both Wars and how people lived at the time.  We are currently completing diary entries about soldiers living in the trenches; the children were enthralled about all of the horrible illnesses and diseases that the soldiers could catch!