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Missing Head teacher

Help! Our Head Teacher has been abducted by aliens. The police were called to Micklem Primary School in the early hours of Monday morning with reports of a flash and a loud bang. There appears to be a crash site on the school field and an emergency assembly was called during which we have today received two messages, one from Miss Ormonde who was very distressed and advised us that she has been abducted by aliens and the other from the aliens with ransom demand. The children are now working hard to make the objects demanded by the aliens so that we can secure Miss Ormonde's release. The demands made by the aliens are as follows:


Reception Class: Stars

Year 1 and 2: Repairs to the spaceship

Year 3 : A food offering

Year 4: Lights

Year 5 and 6: persuasive speeches to convince the aliens that we need Miss Ormonde back