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Science Week

Science Week!

Throughout this week, every child in the school has been celebrating National Science Week by carrying out a range of complex tasks and challenges.  Reception and Nursery had a focus on using their senses, spending time exploring what they could see, feel, touch, hear and taste both in school and out. 

For the rest of the school, the week has been an out of this world experience; everyone has been exploring space.  Thank you for those who were able to send in empty drinks bottles—each class had a great time designing and testing rockets which could safely return to Earth; some much more successfully than others!  Each class also completed a KNEX challenge to design and create a machine which might be used in future missions to explore the moon. 

Year 1 and 2 enriched this with a trip to the Science Museum in London where they saw space shuttles and astronaut’s suits!

Tying all of this together was work to find out about the people who have made discoveries in space travel in the past and how we may be able to get into space in the future. 

I’m sure we will all be holidaying on the moon before too long!