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Year 4 and 5 Tag Rugby Festivals

Year 4 and 5 Tag Rugby Festivals

On the first of November 2017, ten children from Year 4 went to Kings Langley secondary school with Mr. Maher.  Hannah, Oliver, Harry, Meryem, Kingsley, Alfie, Emily, Nathan, Karis and Bradley went. We had a tag rugby tournament.

 We won 3 matches out of 7.  It was the whole afternoon and we left just before home time. It was really fun and enjoyable.  In tag rugby you have to have at least 2 girls playing at a time.

By Hannah and Oliver   Year 4


On the 9th of November 2017, year 5 went and took part in a Year 5 Tag Rugby Festival. They were split into three teams. All of year 5 had a great time playing their matches and showed great sportsmanship throughout. One of our teams won all 4 of their matches, which was great to see.