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PSHE at Micklem



At Micklem, we are committed to promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of our pupils. We believe PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) to be an essential element in the preparation of our children for adult life.

The PSHE curriculum provides learning opportunities and experiences which will enable pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for personal and social responsibility.


Through PSHE we seek to:

  • Help pupils to live and learn in the local environment encouraging the respect of others in our school community and the wider world.
  • Develop a sense of self-worth and a respect for the dignity of life.
  • Encourage children to communicate confidently and express their feelings appropriately.
  • Develop healthy, safer lifestyles.
  • Prepare the child for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


Within PSHE we promote the following:

  • Health Education - Children engaging in activities to promote their physical well-being.  This has been achieved through the range of different sporting opportunities that we offer for all of our children, from clubs through to the assemblies and activities run by our playground buddies.  This also forms part of our science curriculum.
  • Citizenship – Encouraging children to take a responsible role in society, including the development of the children’s awareness of their personal safety and the process by which they can seek help and information as well as learning the behaviour expected of them as responsible citizens.  This is covered in school through a number of stands.  Our learning powers encourage the children to self-regulate their behaviours, recognising that, as part of our school community, they should take pride in certain aspects and support others.  We have also run special weeks to celebrate being active citizens, such as our Aspirations Week, where children explored target setting and aims, including the Year 5 trip to the University of Bedfordshire. 
  • Human Relationships – Information by which the child is able to become aware of himself/herself as a person and understanding that the process of development is a natural part of growing up.  This is achieved through a large number of experiences offered to our children.  During the autumn term, we visited the local care home, reading and playing games with some of the residents.  We have also visited important areas in our local community and had visitors in to see us, for example our local PCSO. 


Teaching PSHE is not confined to a specific slot on the timetable. It is a combination of discrete curriculum time, specialised assemblies, through pastoral care and guidance, visiting speakers, cross-curricular coverage and delivery through whole school events ( i.e. internet safety days.)  Part of our curriculum follows the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme and supports and enriches it with other objectives from the PSHE curriculum. The SEAL resource is designed to build upon, not replace, existing effective work in our schools which promote good emotional health and behaviour for learning.  If you would like to see our PSHE curriculum, please follow the link below.