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Steve Backshall is also delivering weekly live lessons every Wednesday at 9.30 am through Facebook and his YouTube channel. Even if you can’t tune in live, you can watch these later.  They are very inspirational and I've learnt lots about wildlife around the world but also right here on our doorsteps. He includes footage from wildlife cameras set up around his home and some episodes have featured games such as: guess what animal made this noise and guess what animal did this poo? It is a great way of introducing children to someone who is incredibly passionate about science and the animal world. He encourages children to be curious and keep asking questions.

After watching children could show their understanding through:

  • Writing a list of questions they would like to send to Steve Backshall (these could then be sent via Facebook or his Youtube channel)
  • Drawing and writing about their own deadly creature that could be featured in Deadly 60 
  • Writing about why we should appreciate sharks more and why they are not as scary as they seem

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