Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Year 1

Wednesday 23rd April... Year 1's first time to use the brand new iPads. They were very careful and extremely excited to use them in computing to create a "buttons and instructions" programme.

Year 1's art exhibition!!

When the chicks came to visit after hatching the day before (27.02.2014)

Our visit to The Top of The World to learn about healthy eating, communication skills and about team work.

Look at our own versions of the Katie's Picture Show story

In Computing Year 1 have begun to learn about coding.

In PE Year 1 have been doing Gymnastics. This week we were learning how to safely roll and balance.

Week commencing 13th January 2014: This week Year 1 have been learning to use a number line to help add.

In Computing Year 1 have been learning to control the mouse. The topic "In the Mind's Eye" was used to influence this work and the children used a "drag and drop" technique to create Picasso faces.

Year 1 loved the pantomime trip on 5th December 2013!

Tuesday 3rd December- We created apple pies just like the mum does in Little Red Riding Hood! We learnt the different names of the tools and ingredients we used. We also learnt how important hygiene is.

28th November 2013-Look at the Christmas Wreath we made with Mrs Potts

In our topic lessons the children decided they wanted to do something where they made castles out of food. Miss Lyons decided we would use biscuits and make them into towers. We would then use these towers to create the top of a castle. The children enjoyed counting and measuring all the ingredients. We also talked about if we ate one how many would be left so making biscuit towers also involved maths skills aswell. We went on to make the castle and create either storyboard instructions which were labelled or written instructions in the right order. Have a look at our learning.

After looking at different jobs in the castles we looked at how it would be to be a ground keeper and spent some time sweeping up leaves. Year 1 decided they would not have liked to have this job!