Primary School

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Year 4

Metro Bank. Metro Bank visited us for our maths lessons this week to help us learn about banks, saving and budgeting. On Thursday we went to visit the bank to have a look around, including going inside the vault!

Year 34's Challenge Day!. We were challenged to design and make a coffee table for Mrs Clarke using only newspaper and sellotape.It had to be at least 30 cm high, able to take the weight of the coffee equipment and be stylish enough to go in her office. It was tough but we managed it!

Dads to school morning- We have been learning about life in African countries and how it might differ to our own. This morning we had a go at making footballs from recycled plastic bags, just like children in Africa do.

World Cup week- We practised our football skills, then had a penalty shoot out where we had to show our best 'celebration' or 'unbelievable miss' faces.

Our African Landscape painting

Tag Rugby Festival- coaching and a tournament .

World Book Day- We came to school dressed up as a book characters. We had to complete the character catwalk , be interviewed on the hot seat and be ready to 'drop everything and read'!

Year 4 have been learning about the lifecyle of chickens

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This group chose to present their learning as a rap- fantastic!

 Year 4 have been learning to write explanation texts. Although we have been explaining fictional things we have been writing as though it is fact, using explaining conjunctions, generalisers, time adverbs and formal language. We have written explanations of Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions .


Miss Morgan invited us to the 'International Tellescope Conference' where some scientific professors were invited to explain their inventions to an audience of important scientists.

How does it snow? We learned about the water cycle and different types of precipitation then presented to the class. We had to remember all the keywords, make it interesting and try not to giggle!

What is in your imagination? Developing our art skills and making monsters to star in our stories!

Our radio adverts for World War Two products.

Who would like a can of dried eggs or a carrot on a stick?

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Natalia lizzie keira advert.mp3

Our Make Do and Mend Products

Our book- an information text about Earthlings

Solving some tricky maths problems- How many squares can we make with the straws?

Science- asking 'What if?' questions with circuits.

Solving maths problems- division jigsaws!( They were tricky!)

Labcoats - making us feel rather clever and scientific!