Primary School

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Good morning
So today I’d like you to have a go at some early phonics. At this stage it is really important to practise listening skills and tune into sounds in words.

Take a look in your home learning pack we sent home.

*Can you read some stories that rhyme? Can your child pick out the rhyming words?
*Do you have any musical instruments? Can your child make different sounds or can they guess which instrument is being played behind a door/sofa etc so they cannot see it.
*Go on a walk. What can you hear? Can you draw a picture of the things you heard?
*practise clapping the syllables in words e.g. mum-my , dad-dy , Soph- ie. these would all be 2 claps.
*use BBC nursery rhymes and sing along!

Also, I thought I would remind you of some free resources. If your child liked the Twinkl cutting and writing sheets in their pack, parents can sign up for free. If you have access to a printer is would be a great site for you.

Leo’s mummy found Reading Eggs has a free trial at the moment for 21 days. There are some early phonics and rhyming games on there too.

Also on Phonics Play.
Head to the phase 1 games which are all the listening and early phonics skills.


Have fun!
Mrs Rawson