Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Year 6 2021-2022

Year 6 residential to Ferny Croft Scout Camp in the New Forest

Day 1

Year 6 make the most of the day by leaving early in order to get to Beaulieu where they spent a fascinating time learning about the history of the motor car, how to be a monk and revisiting some of their history learning from year 5 about Henry V111. 

Arriving at their home for the next few days, the children have quickly settled in.  Part of the experience is for the children to practise their cooking skills.  There were some amazing sous chefs in the class and everyone has enjoyed a delicious vegetarian or beef pasta bolognese with salad and followed by fruit.  What a great start to their adventure!

A further update from Tyler Z, Frank and Larisa

We participated in a world war 2 workshop, learning to be spies.  We learnt that the five main things needed to make a spy was to work as a team, blend into your surroundings and not to look suspicious.  Important items for a spy to carry were a newspaper, a morse code machine, lemon and a candle, parachute silk and a hairpin.  We discovered that women made great spies because they blended into their surroundings. 

Our favourite things were riding on the monorail, riding on an old fashioned London bus and looking at the Rolls Royce engine and the Top Gear exhibition.  

For tea we made spaghetti, the taste was tasty but need more seasoning. 

Day Two

We set off early and Mrs Byrne's group took part in rafting.  We had a bit of trouble tying the knots to hold the barrels together.  We had to work as a team to collect the crocs (shoes).  The best rowers were me (Lee) and Kyan.  We paddled around the tree and everyone got soaked and needed a hot shower afterwards!

"I managed to stay dry till right at the end when I rolled over face first into the water!" (David).

At the Adventure Trail we completed lots of challenges, jumping over the high wall, working as a team, working groups to move the large log over the really high wall.  It was really hard.  The hardest challenge was to complete the course with a glass of water - this was really hard.  

After lunch we took a long walk across the New Forest for a ramble.  We were quite tired.  We found the remains of a WW2 bunker and a runway.  We also found the remains of a buried gataling gun.  We had a bit of free time and are now getting ready for pizza and crumble. 

By Frank, Archey, Emily, David, Tilly and Lee

Day 3

A trip to the Isle of Wight - lots of experiences such as going on a ferry, visiting two different types of beaches, eating in a cafe, paddling in the sea and generally having the most fantastic day.