Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Good morning Year 6!


I've seen some great work on your news reports from yesterday.  


I would like you to use the link below to support you in adding and checking some ambitious punctuation into your report.


I would like you to accurately use:


- inverted commas for your eye witness statement

- parenthesis (can be brackets, commas or dashes for extra information)

- clear paragraphs


I would like you to try to use accurately:


- dash

- hyphen

- semi-colon


I understand that some of these are quite tricky, and might be hard to get right, but I would like to see you all have a go at editing your work to include them.


For maths today I would like you to sharpen up your arithmetic skills.  I have been really impressed with your problem solving skills in recent days.  Next week, we will be carrying out our maths learning in a slightly different way so I want to make sure that your arithmetic skills are ready to go!


I would like you to give yourself 25 minutes to complete the arithmetic questions.  Use the answer sheet to mark your answers and give yourself a mark out of 30 (I know that none of you would use the answers to cheat)!!!  Then, make sure that you do not panic if you are not happy with your score!  Then look at some of the questions you got wrong and try them again using your revision guides, bitesize or other sites to help you use the right method.  How many extra points can you get?!  Email me your first score and how much you improved by.  Good luck!



As it's Friday, I thought I would give you a bonus task...

I hope you are ready for this adults.  Earlier this week, I decided to build a fort in my living room.  It did not go well.  My 18 month old daughter thought it was much more fun to crawl, walk and jump on top of it instead of in it (she doesn't understand the importance of prepositions yet Year 6).  So my fort lasted approximately 1.75 seconds before being completely destroyed.  My daughter then decided to sit amongst her destruction to watch a fascinating episode of Postman Pat, making it impossible for me to fix it.


Your task for today Year 6 is to create a fort at home.  It can be inside or outside and please do not break anything!  I need ideas for my next fort to make it: stronger, more exciting and yet still be safe.  I would like you to send me pictures of your fort so that I can be inspired and try to create something better over the weekend.  See how many people from home you can get to fit into your fort for your photo. 


I hope that you will take this challenge on.  Have a fantastic weekend and happy fort building!!