Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Learning Powers

Our Awesome Learning Powers


At Micklem, we use learning powers in our lessons to make sure we can be the best we can.  We have five superheroes who help us to remember these powers. They are:


Captain Cooperation 

Pippa Perseverance

How does Captain Cooperation help us to be better learners?  To be a successful learner it is important to be able to work with each other, to collaborate.  To do this we have talked about listening to each other.  We are learning  empathise by thinking about how the other person may feel.  When we cooperate we share our ideas and often two people working together can solve problems together.   

How does Pippa help us learn better?

Pippa has helped us to think about how, when faced with a challenge, we can continue to learn and not give up.  In each class we have talked about all the words that help us to persevere in our learning such as be ready, willing, curious, able to stick to something.  We have talked about ignoring distractions and becoming absorbed in our learning  


Rex Reflectiveness

Rocky Resourcefulness


How does Rex help us learn?  Rex helps us to think about our learning.  What did we do well?  How can our mistakes help us to learn better?  What did we do last time that worked well?  What didn't?       


Rocky is helping us to develop the learning power of resourcefulness.  We have been talking about different ways in which we can learn.  Our resourcefulness learning power encourages us to ask questions, make links, reason about things.  We also make the best use of what we already know and the resources we have available to us.


Rafiki Resilience

How does Rafiki help us learn? Rafiki helps us understand that sometimes things can be difficult.  We might feel cross or sad or hopeless when we are learning something new or challenging.  Rafiki helps us understand that these feelings are natural and that we can't do something 'yet'.  We use the learning pit analogy to make this explicit and that being 'in the pit' is part of learning.  Using our resilience and our other learning skills we CAN find a way out.