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Friday's learning - nearly the weekend


First can I make a request.  It would be great to know from adults and children what learning tasks you've found useful this week.  I'm going to try to keep up a mix of computer based learning and learning that can be done away from the computer, but it would be great to hear what's working for you.  If your child's proud of anything they've done and they can send it in, please do.  Emails to


Today's learning:

English - finish your writing explaining How to high dive like a giraffe:

Write an explanation text about How to high dive like a giraffe.  Please plan using resource 4, then draft your writing (use time conjunctions e.g. first/next, write in time order, write impersonally and include technical language and diagrams).  Finally make sure you edit your writing for spelling, punctuation and making a clear effect on the reader.


Maths - make sure you've had a go at yesterday's written multiplication.  Go back and try another challenge if you're getting more confident.  If you've finished them all, there are some problems below that use this learning.


Computing - If you've made a game in purple mash, why don't you try using the tutorials on how to make a superhero game.  I've done the first two levels and I'll try to post my game below.


Art - Rainbow art.  Did you know that children in the UK, Italy, the USA and elsewhere have been making rainbow art and putting it in their window to share with other children that can't go to school.  Why don't you make yours, put it in the window and it will brighten up someone else's day when have their daily exercise.