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Geography Curriculum




At Micklem we aim to inspire our pupils’ curiosity to find out about the world and their place in it. Children develop their understanding of the world (at the local, national and global level), and of how people and the environment interact.




Geography is taught as a discrete subject focusing on the key skills of investigating places, investigating patterns and communicating geographically.  Geography is taught as part of our topic approach to learning where the teaching of geographical knowledge and skills is supported by meaningful links to related content (especially in history, art and design, and design and technology).  

Our Geography curriculum builds from exploring the children’s experience of similarities and differences in their own environment to exploring different areas and geographical features of the wider world.  Throughout we teach key geographical vocabulary and provide opportunities for children to investigate maps and conduct fieldwork investigations.



A Micklem geographer will develop the ability to think critically and spatially; use maps, images and technology and identify, research and answer questions.  A Micklem geographer will develop the ability to communicate this understanding in discussions, presentations, writing and role plays.

An Overview of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 Geography

What does geography consist of in key stage 2?

An Overview of the Map Skills in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 Geography

A subject knowledge animation providing an overview of map skills covered in key stage 2 geography including: symbols, compass and direction, grid references, scale and contours.