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Tuesday 28th March


I had no work handed in on purple mash yesterday sad,  Where were you?


Maths is at the bottom of the page.  It looks like a lot of work but the videos take up a lot of space!


Good morning year 3.  I hope you enjoyed the story of the Egyptian Cinderella yesterday.

Today I want you to think about how this version of Cinderella compares with the other version that I added to the attachments below.  



Listen to the story up to the page where her master sees her dancing. I’ve also attached a power point of the story as well so that you can look at the pictures and illustrations. 


Reading questions to answer

1) What things did the servant girls do to tease Rhodopis? 

2)  Did Rhodopis have any friends?  How do you know?

3)  How did Rhodopis’ master describe her dancing?

4) What reward did her master give her?  Can you describe what the footwear looked like?


Today's task

To compare different versions of the story.  What do you remember about the original story of Cinderella?  How could her Fairy Godmother be different?  Instead of glass slippers what kind of slippers did she have?  What has happened so far in the story?  What do you think of Rhodopis?  Compare this version with the original. 

Use the sheet attached – think about main characters, mean characters, special item of clothing, magical character, special royal events, talking animals, love interest. 

Tomorrow you will be writing a comparative piece of writing.

Tuesday English

Still image for this video

Cinderella Fairy Tales Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

Cinderella story has a new version here! At Fairy Tales for Kids Youtube channel Cinderella (22 million views) was one of the very first cartoon fairy tales ...


Today I would like you to continue your work on fractions.  Please complete the attached sheets.  For some of you they will be quick revision.


Have a go and see how you get on.

Mrs Byrne