Primary School

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w/c 14 December

Google Classroom - we're continuing to grow our use of Google Classroom.  This week we're completing our English and Geography work there.  Log on and look for the assignments.  If you've lost your passwords, contact us on

English - Poem work based on Coming Home. Follow the lesson input here, but log in to Google Classroom to complete the assignment on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Spelling. We've focused this term on making sure we know the year 3 and 4 words. This week's spelling work is a test of these words to see what further work is needed. If you complete a test at home, please send it to

Monday DT - what Christmas decorations can you make. We're making paper plate trees.

Tuesday RE assessment task. What have you learnt about light in religion?

Weds and Thurs PSHE assessment task - what have you found out about how culture affects us? How does it affect what's important to us? Does it change what it's like for us at school?