Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Good morning everyone!


I loved seeing your alphabet plates! Ryan made a huge one!! Cory used his magnetic letters to begin with!! Harlie drew all of her pictures and Amelia had lots of exciting different things! Thanks for sending your pictures in.



Today I would like you to go on an number hunt...
How many numbers can you find? Try to start at number one and work your way up, how high can you get to?
I wonder if you can try to spell some of the numbers. They are a bit tricky (mum and dad might need to help with some of them!!)

After you've been on your number hunt, can you use some blankets and other things to make a den to hide in. You could make a sign to label it.



Extra activities:
1. Help make lunch.
2. Practise singing your alphabet song very very quietly. You could even record yourself doing it.
3. Put your favourite song on. Try to learn all the words to it and sing along.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!!



Bye for now

Miss Courtnell 😀