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Wednesday 18th June

Wednesday 17th June 

Today in English I would like you to complete the activity on prepositions.  Think about what a preposition is used for to describe the position of something, in, on, under.  Prepositions are words that tell the reader where things are. They are really useful to help you describe a good setting in your story.

For example, in the story: Below, the sea bubbled and foamed. Above, the full moon glared down. Imagine you are Skess and Landra, sitting, looking and listening.

In Maths - I would like you to finish completing your work on multiplying by 10.  Remember which way to move the digits one place to the left for x by 10 and 2 places to the left when x by 100.  Today we are going to be multiplying larger numbers such as 30 x 5.

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