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Design Technology

Design and Technology at Micklem


At Micklem we offered a range of activities to develop our Design and Technology skills. This year we started the school year with a creative flare. Each year group took on a D&T project, from cooking to woodwork we enjoyed exploring lots of new methods to build, sew, join and create.


In year 1 Food Technology was the main focus. The children designed a sandwich that they would like to eat, First they conducted a taste test to see which fillings they would prefer in their sandwich. Then the children buttered the bread (or not if they didn't want!) and added their fillings. Harry said that he put cheese in his sandwich because he already knew that he liked cheese before they tried it!


Year 4 turned their hand to textiles with an Anglo Saxon theme. They made looms and tried weaving patterns into their clothing, they explored which materials were easiest to weave and which would be best for making clothes. They designed and created necklaces using cardboard, string and beads.