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19th June 2020

Dear Year One,

It was lovely to say hello to some of you this week over the internet.  I hope you are enjoying your learning at school with Mr Cuthbert and Mrs Byrne.  The rest of you have been learning from home and it has been lovely to hear from you too by email and on the Blog.

Today's English is to practise your punctuation.  The sentences on the sheet below need to be sorted out.  They are all naughty sentences without capital letters and full stops.  Can you practise your best handwriting by copying them out and putting in the correct punctuation?  You need to also look out for question marks ?, exclamation marks ! and an ellipsis ...

Maths is loaded up for you below.  Lots of maths around the number 8.

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care,

Mrs Stokley smiley


Handa Punctuation