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Early Years

Early Years Foundation Stage at Micklem


Our nursery and reception classes plan following the children's interests.  For example the children may be interested in mini-beasts, the adults will then resource the classrooms inside and out with resources to deepen and broaden the children's interests in this area.  These may include books, fiction and non fiction around mini-beasts. This can support language and vocabulary development, an interest in print and reading skills. Magnifying glasses could be added to the environment to encourage close observation and the development of scientific knowledge and vocabulary.  Children will be encouraged to play creatively, acting in role to support imagination and language skills. Design activities, such as building mini-beast homes or replica mini-beast all help to develop the motor skills needed for handwriting as well as technical problem solving skills.  The adults in the setting will use observation and planning to ensure that the children use their interests to develop the knowledge and skills set out in the Early Years curriculum and will build on their assessment knowledge to ensure the children meet and exceed the Early Learning Goals. 

Statutory Early Years Framework