Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Morning everyone,


Well today is when we bring everything we have learned together into final pieces of learning! You are going to make your very own graph to show your minibeast hunt. This graph will show you very clearly, which animals live in your garden. You could use it to create and answer questions for your dad or maybe sister?

If you still haven't hunted, its ok to use my numbers or, hunt today. I am sure you could do a tally really easily now. Whatever you choose, but enjoy learning to create a fantastic graph!


Now you are expert entomologists you are going to write a detailed fact file. I would like you to take lots of care. You have a plan and you know what you are going to write about so, work carefully. Remember, when you have finished to read your work through and Give Me 5! Elaina did such a careful diagram of her symmetrical butterfly and I wonder if you can all really concentrate on the art and accuracy of your drawing?


Have a happy learning day and impress me!

Mrs Cavender wink