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Good morning Year 6!

Today, you are going to bring some of your English ideas together.  On Monday, you wrote an introduction to a newspaper report; on Tuesday, you wrote an eye-witness account of an incident and on Wednesday you wrote a character description.  Today, I would like you to bring all of these things together and write a newspaper report about the video.

You will need to include:

  • A catchy headline
  • An introductory paragraph (including who, what, where, when and why)
  • A formal report of the incident
  • A picture (can be taken from the video or drawn)
  • A caption to describe the picture
  • A description of the suspect
  • A short quote from an eye witness

Remember that your report should be in third person and in the past tense.

I look forward to seeing these and tomorrow I will be giving you specific things to improve your writing.  I would like to put some of these on the website for people to see so make sure you use your neatest handwriting!


Let’s have some fun with fractions!  This question looks complicated, but think about how to attack it and it is very possible.  If you complete it, try and show the question as a bar model – challenge!


Andy and his friend Sam were walking along the road together. Andy had a big bag of marbles.  Unfortunately, the bottom of the bag split and all the marbles spilled out. Poor Andy!

One third (1/3) of the marbles rolled down the slope too quickly for Andy to pick them up. One sixth (1/6) of all the marbles disappeared into the rain-water drain.
Andy and Sam picked up all they could but half (1/2) of the marbles that remained nearby were picked up by other children who ran off with them.

Andy counted all the marbles he and Sam had rescued.


He gave one third (1/3) of these to Sam for helping him pick them up. Andy put his remaining marbles into his pocket. There were 14 of them.
How many marbles were there in Andy's bag before the bottom split?
What fraction of the total number that had been in the bag had he lost or given away?


In science yesterday, I introduced the idea of evolution and adaptation.  I didn’t give you much to go on as I wanted to see what you already knew (or could find out).  Today I would like you to read this comic about a very famous scientist.  To make sure that you understand some of the key points, I would like you to answer these questions on it:


What was Darwin’s favourite hobby?

Where did he first encounter a rainforest?

How many years did he spend writing about barnacles?

What does ‘scientific standing’ mean?

What is transmutation?  Use evidence from the text.

Can you find out what DNA stands for?