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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 


I am delighted to be teaching in Year 5 this year alongside Mrs Hesketh and Miss Williams. We all have high hopes for the children this year and aim to help the children reach their full potential through trying their best at everything that they do. We encourage the children to identify that we all have strengths and areas of development but through perseverance and resilience we are all capable of achieving. 


Reading: Our high hopes in reading are that all children have access to books, time to read to an adult on a regular basis and be able to enjoy books being read to them. We have daily guided reading sessions; children have daily independent reading time and we also share a book for pleasure at the end of the day. 


Maths: Maths at Micklem follows a mastery approach and our high hopes for each pupil is that they will develop a deeper understanding of mathematics in all areas and can apply their knowledge in different ways. We allow the children to manipulate practical resources and use pictorial representations before moving on to the symbolic stage. In year 4 we will have a government multiplication test, we spend a lot of time ensuring children are prepared for this by developing a secure understanding of multiplication and practicing regularly. Our high hope is that the children to feel confident when undertaking this test. 


English: Our English lessons are predominantly taught through the use of books, both fiction and non-fiction. Our high hope is that children will leave year 4 feeling confident in their writing, reading and speaking. Children will continue to be encouraged to write grammatically correct sentences with increasing detail, developed vocabulary, fronted adverbials, subordinating conjunctions and prepositions. We will continue to develop their understanding of writing for different purposes and audiences, children will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform their work to develop oral fluency. 


Science: At Micklem school we understand that science is a key part of a child's education. Our high hope is to introduce children to scientific phenomena which sparks their curiosity, furthermore we hope that all children are able to work practically to see themselves as scientists. Throughout the year we will be exploring different topics: living things and their habitats, sound, electricity, states of matter and animals including humans. The children will have the opportunity to work scientifically within all of these topics and will be encouraged to ask questions, make predictions, gather and record data, record findings and use results to draw conclusions. 


Foundation subjects: Our foundation subjects are also incredibly important to us and will be detailed in our termly curriculum leaflet. Throughout the year children will be taught to play the cornet by a specialist teacher, they also have French, PE and forest school sessions with specialist teachers. 


Cultural capital: Cultural Capital can be defined as the skills and knowledge which an individual can draw on to give them an advantage in social life. At Micklem Primary School it is our high hope that by the time children leave us their cultural capital will have been enhanced through extra-curricular activities; exposure to different subject areas; trips and visits and engaging with new, practical experiences. Each term we aim to develop learners cultural capital and this is detailed on our termly curriculum leaflet. 


Homework and help at home: Our high hope is for us as a school to work collaboratively with parents to ensure children reach their full potential. Please aim to read to your child at least three times a week and record this in their reading record. We now hold a weekly 'reading raffle' and children have the opportunity to choose a prize if their name is drawn, the more they read the more time their name is entered. Homework will be set weekly on google classroom every Wednesday and needs to be completed by the following Tuesday. Homework will always be to complete at least 20 minutes of TTRS within the week. There will usually be spellings to complete ready for our weekly spelling test. Please also encourage your child to practice the year 4 multiplication test regularly. 


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Thank you for your continued support, 


Mrs Walker