Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Good morning! Happy Thursday!



Today I would like you to look through magazines, newspapers (anything that has words in it) and find some letters. Using some scissors, carefully cut out some letters and...
Challenge 1... can you make the alphabet?

Challenge 2... can you write your name?

Challenge 3... can you write some of the tricky words from your red book?

Challenge 4... can you write some CVC words (like cat, dog, bat, mop)?

Challenge 5... can you write a sentence?

Challenge 6.... can you do all of the challenges? 😁

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Extra activities:
1. Help make lunch.
2. Practise singing your alphabet song very very quietly. You could even record yourself doing it.
3. Put your favourite song on. Try to learn all the words to it and sing along.
4. Make your bed and try to fold your own pjs.



Have a lovely Thursday everyone!!