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Grammar practice


Tomorrow's lesson is for you to write your own rhythmic performance poem.  Today's task is to plan and prepare for tomorrow's writing.  I would like the poem to be related to what you have been doing in lockdown (the time we've been spending at home and most of us not going into school).

FIRST, I would like you to think about what different things have happened for you.  I recommend making a spider diagram/mindmap.  Here's mine:

NEXT, I would like you to pick one of these things to write about.  What words could you think of to use in your poem?  What other words (synonyms) could you use instead of those words (you could use a thesaurus)?  What rhyming words could you think of?

No surprise - I'm going to write about bike riding.


Today's maths is about rounding.  Look at the video if you want support to remember how to do this.  You can round bigger numbers to different digits:

456,834 ≈ 500,000 (nearest 100,000)

456,834 ≈ 460,000 (nearest 10,000)

456,834 ≈ 457,000 (nearest 1,000)

456,834 ≈ 456,800 (nearest 100)

456,834 ≈456,830 (nearest 10)

456,834 ≈ 456,834 (nearest 1)

It's the same with decimals

0.345 ≈ 0 (nearest 1)

0.345 ≈ 0.3 (nearest tenth)

0.345 ≈ 0.35 (nearest hundredth)

0.345 ≈ 0.345 (nearest thousandth)


Extra challenge (Geography) - Can you think of a way that the school could use less single use plastic?  Please send your answers to me.