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Tuesday 2nd June


Yesterday we read the first part of Tad by Benji Davies. We met Tad and found out that she was small, smaller than her brothers and sisters and that she was beginning to notice that her day by day, some of them were going missing! Tad is afraid of a fish who lives at the bottom of the pool, in the murky mud...Do you remember his name? It's Big Blub. 

So, where do you think her brothers and sisters are going? Where do you think Tad might think they are going? I think she is afraid that Big Blub is eating them! So she is hiding. I wonder if that is what is happening or maybe it is something else? Could her brothers and sisters be going somewhere else? We need to hep Tad!

Today you are going to investigate what happens to tadpoles so that you can help Tad tomorrow.

There are lots of things to help you with your research including a power-point and these links:

Once you have done some research, show what you have found out in any way you choose. There are some sheets to use if you want to.


Also, while we are learning about animals and what happens in the spring time, I thought you might like to look at Springwatch and all the baby animals they have found!


Enjoy! Have a lovely day,

Mrs Cavender smiley