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Friday 12th June

Hello year 4


It's the end of another week of home learning.  Well done for working so hard.  Let me know what you enjoy or didn't enjoy about the activities.  It is nice to hear from you and if I know which activities you enjoy I can put more of them on the website for you.  



Friday will be a challenge day so have a go at the activity or have a go at the recipes - maths is everywhere! and for those of you who want more I have uploaded the problem of the day.



Today is the day to write your own personal diary entry (if you haven't been doing this already).  I have attached a couple of slides to help with sentence starters and to remind you of the key features of diary writing.  Today is your day to make history and who knows you may be reading it on the bbc in 30 years time when we remember life in lock down! wink


And of course check out the spelling challenge!

Science and fun stuff


I hope you have enjoyed learning more about viruses and microbes this week and to understand that not all germs (microbes) are bad for us.  Today we look at how our body defends itself against illness and other ways we can protect ourselves.  Including an experiment with red cabbage!  Watch the video and have a go at the quiz and word mix up to check your understanding.  I have also included a fact sheet about Edward Jenner who developed a vaccine for small pox and you may remember when we planted the crocuses to raise awareness for polio and how that vaccine has almost wiped out this disease!   

How Your Immune System Works

The final challenge of the week is for your whole family laugh  Lots of us have been trying new things while we are at home and I found a link called 'Minute to Win It'.  They are games to compete with your family at home  - you only have 1 minute to complete each challenge!  If your grown ups are brave enough let's see some pictures on the school blog of them attempting the challenges!


Remember you can email me anytime at and I will ALWAYS reply even if it is not immediately. 


Have a great weekend and stay safe.


Mrs Hobbs