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Learning languages at Micklem




At Micklem our language teaching supports the broadening of our children’s horizons through developing understanding of the wider world, its cultures and languages.  Communication is key in our language teaching and we seek to provide opportunities to listen and respond to a foreign language.  We start with spoken language, songs and games and then introduce opportunities to develop children’s writing.




We teach French as our foreign language and use the Rising Stars scheme to provide structure, engaging resources and challenging activities to support our teaching.  Children build their knowledge in half termly topics that introduce key knowledge and vocabulary and then provide opportunities to rehearse, communicate and use these to ensure long term learning.



A Micklem linguist will be developing the foundations for further study of languages.  They will be aware of the differences and similarities between French and English language and culture.  They will be developing their knowledge of French vocabulary and how to use it to communicate in a range of situations.  They will be developing a French accent and aware of the differences between French and English spelling and pronunciation.  

An example of a song that the children may watch in class