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14th September

English - write a magic door story (Monday - describe locations, Tuesday describe action, Wednesday - plan your story, Thursday - write your story, Friday - edit and finish.)

In the afternoons this week, we are looking at our Computing.  This week we are looking at blogging:

On Monday, we will look at our school website and other blogs.

On Tuesday, after PE we will comment on other people's blogs.

On Wednesday we will research a planet and blog about what we found out.

On Thursday we will add pictures and other media to the blog.

On Friday we will talk about internet safety and blogging responsibly.  There are activities on the CEOPS website that will support your children looking at this.


The children should have passwords to access the school password (they were sent in April - if you can't access it, please email  Your child should then be able to complete the tasks above with supervision.