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Tuesday maths

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Translations - describing how shapes have moved

Optional worksheet and blank graph paper. If you don't have a printer, use a ruler or straight edge to draw some lines on blank paper. Enjoy!

The curse of the highwayman chapter 2

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If you want to read for yourself, use pause at the start of the video. If not I read the whole of the chapter.

Today's English activities:

  • Vocabulary - read page 18 and 19.  Can you write definitions of the words pups, gawping, gleaming, rammed, shattered.  A definition is a description of what the word means.  If you're not sure, think about what other words they sound like or what other words would fit in the sentence.  If you're still not sure write down your best guess, send it to me and I can help.
  • Grammar.  Read page 20 and 21.  Pick some key words and identify which ones are nouns (things) verbs (doing words) adjectives (what they are like) and adverbs (how they do things).  You could use these words to get you started: bedroom, flew, appeared, stared, gloved, fingers, wave, anger.
  • Writing.  The glove seems to have changed Zac.  It would be really interesting to hear from Zac.  Perhaps you could imagine you are Zac and write a first person (use I, me, my) description of Zac putting on the glove and what it feels like to him.
Science - have a look in the science tab at the activities I've found about space and the planets.