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Parent Communication

What we expect from our parents


At Micklem, we recognise that every adult working with our children plays a vital role in ensuring that they are able to be the best that they can be.  We are all role models for our children and we know that if we act respectfully towards each other, there is a good chance that our children will learn to do the same. 


Within school, we use a therapeutic approach to supporting the behaviour of our children, more details of which can be found within our Behaviour Policy.  In practice, it means that we will try to do everything we can to break down barriers in order to allow every child full access to their education.  We do place an expectation on parents that they will work to help this, including regular reading and support at home, as well as ensuring that pupils come to school with appropriate equipment and uniform.  In return, we ensure that staff (including the Head and Deputy) are available to speak with parents most days on the playground and we aim to be as communicative as we can.


In working together in this way, it means that we are able to maintain excellent relationships with the vast majority of our parents and can support our children to be the best that they can be.


On occasion, there may be things that do not work as we would hope and we would hope that parents are able to come and speak to us about this.  When things do go wrong, we understand that parents experience a range of feelings, however we must retain a calm, peaceful and safe school environment.  To this end, we will not tolerate:

  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens any of the school’s operations or activities or damages the good name of the school.
  • Using loud or offensive language or displaying temper. 
  • Threatening in any way a member of school staff, visitor, fellow parent or pupil.
  • Damaging or destroying school property.
  • Approaching someone else’s child in order to discuss or chastise the actions of the child towards their own child. 
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs on any part of the school premises (alcohol can of course be consumed at authorised events).

Many of the above could be considered as assault towards the school or members of its community.  As a result, should any of the above occur in school or on an occasion relating to the school’s business (for example whilst travelling to or from school), we may feel it necessary to take action by contacting relevant authorities or considering banning the offending adult from the school site. 


Use of Social Media

At Micklem, we also consider the use of social media to fuel campaigns and complaints against the school, its staff, parents or pupils as totally unacceptable.  In the event of anyone posting libellous or defamatory comments on social media, they will be reported to the appropriate abuse section of that network site.  The school will also expect that parent to remove any such abuse immediately.  We would also like to remind parents that they should not publish photographs of school pupils (other than their own) or members of staff on social media without express prior permission. 


The school will consider its legal options to deal with any such misuse on social networking sites. 


This information will be reviewed annually by the school.  Date for next update: September 2023