Primary School

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Thursday 2nd

Good morning


I hope you all managed to play some good pranks on people.  Have any of you managed to log onto times tables rock stars?  I've tried a couple of times and the website keeps crashing.  


Today I would like you to answer the following questions relating to the helicopter crash story:


How has the helicopter crashed? What do you think he should try to do next? Who might be able to help in this situation? What do you think you would do if you were in a similar situation? Why do you think he is afraid? What might he be afraid of?


Today I would like you to complete an activity about penguins from the WWF.  Hopefully you have enough loo roll in your house now.


I would also like you to complete the arithmetic paper that was attached yesterday.  Don't forget to send me your stories on


Have a good day

Mrs Byrne