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The Iron Man chapter 4 part 1

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A new enemy arrives in the story.
Today I would like you to have a go at using Ted Hughes' style to describe your own creature (worksheet below), and to complete a geography task finding some of the locations mentioned in the writing on a world map. Enjoy.

Telling the time - digital

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Useful telling the time resource

Telling the time - digital and analogue. Choose your challenge (challenge 1=1 star, challenge 3=3 stars). To make it harder, please answer with digital and analogue times, e.g. 3:45 and quarter to 4.

If you're finding telling the time easy as you have learned this skill well before, please use your lesson time to work on your choice of:

Times tables.

Written multiplication.

There are plenty of resources available (see suggestions on this page).  If you can't find anything, please drop me a line -