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17th June 2020

Dear Year One,

Morning to you all.  I would like you to watch and listen to the Handa's surprise again and see if you can join in now you are getting to know the words

I would like you to think about the beginning, middle and end of the story.  Can you draw the animals, girls and fruits from the story.  Then can you match the correct animal/person to the right fruit? .  I have loaded up a story map below.  You do not have to print it out unless you want to, but see if you can copy it onto a piece of paper.  The put your characters onto the map in the correct order.  I have also loaded up the wordbank again so you can remember all the different animals and fruits - lots of things to do!  You can do it! 

 Finally listen to the story once more and make sure you have your characters in the right sequence.  Brilliant!  You have made a story map!!  smiley

Maths is loaded up below.  Please do not print it out  - you can copy it into your books instead.

I have loaded up a P.E. activity dice.  You can print it off or copy the design on to a piece of paper.  You can make up your own exercises or choose the same as me.  Have fun!

Take care,

Mrs Stokley yes

Story Map and Wordbank

Maths Wednesday.mp4

Still image for this video