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Good morning 


How did you get on completing the similes and metaphors activity?  Today, we will begin building and planning sentences for our setting descriptions – putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together. We will also be looking at using adverbial phrases to start their sentences (fronted adverbials) or expand their sentences. Explain that adverbials are used to explain how, where or when something happened. 'Fronted' adverbials are 'fronted' because they are at the or beginning or ‘the front’ of the sentence, before the verb. 

Use the activity below to create your sentences - Wednesday English

Complete a times tables rock stars activity and keep practising your times tables.  

Also, have you had a go at making different kinds of rocks.  I've also uploaded an activity on rocks.


Keep sending me your work - also have you seen our new blog.


Mrs Byrne