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17th April 2020


I have had another fun day in school.  Mrs Bordoley did another fantastic aerobics session but I haven't been able to put the video on the website yet - it is too big so I am going to stretch my brain to see if I could reduce the file size.  Next week is the start of the summer term and although you won't be coming in to school your teachers will start putting some more activities on the website so don't forget to look.  I am only going to put one picture on today and it is a picture of an edible rainbow.  Look at all those cakes that were made by just four children today!  Baking is a really fun thing to do and I know some of you have been cooking - Riley told me about all his baking activities today.  It is just a bit difficult to get hold of flour at the moment.  I have got one bit of flour left which I am saving to make my husband a birthday cake next week.  I hope it turns out better than the Swiss roll I made!  I will share some pictures.

Take care

Miss Ormonde 

16th April 2020

Hello - what another lovely sunny day it has been.  I have been in school today and did aerobics with Mrs Bordoley, had my lunch with some of the children we are looking after.  I thought you might like to see some of the photos from the day.  Miss Evans brought in some nerf guns and the children had a great fun in a competition against the adults.  I am not sure who won but everyone enjoyed this activity.  We are hoping to film the aerobics session tomorrow and put it on our website so everyone can join in.  It will make a change from Joe Wicks.

Take care 

Miss Ormonde 

Happy Easter! 

Today Florence had a beautiful walk through the woods near to my house.  Someone had set a bit of a trail and had hung Easter eggs pictures from the trees.  We thought that was a lovely idea and it made our walk more interesting to see all the different coloured eggs hanging from the trees.  I noticed that there were a lot more bluebells coming out - all the sunshine we have been having must help.

I know that we can only get out once a day but I hope you are managing to walk out and and see all the springtime changes.  What sort of changes do you see?  Maybe you could email me and let me know. 

Some of you might remember the times we went to the pantomime as a school and others the time we had the pantomime come to us.  If, with your parents permission you can use You Tube you could watch the pantomime 'Cinderella'.  It is being shared for free over the weekend and you can watch it up until the 19th April.  I will paste the link in below.  If you do watch it - I hope you enjoy it.  Have a lovely Easter weekend.

Take care

Miss Ormonde 

8th April 2020

Hello and I realise I forgot to add to this yesterday - maybe because I was at school and the day went by so quickly.  Did anyone notice the super moon last night - lots of you may have been asleep but as it is the holidays you might be allowed to stay up a bit later.  It was a very bright moon and I heard it was supposed to be a red moon.  When I took Florence for her evening walk it certainly lit our way, but wasn't red.  I took a picture to show you but then my friend sent me a photograph that her Dad (Mr Ewen) took.  As you can see this is a definitely a red moon and isn't the detail of the moon's surface clear?

Keep your eyes peeled tonight and see what kind of moon you can see and know that lots of your friends might also be looking at the same moon!

Take care

Miss Ormonde 

6th April

I hope you've all had a good weekend and managed to get out in the sunshine for your one piece of exercise.  We had a lovely dog walk through the woods and noticed that the bluebells are beginning to appear.  In a few weeks this will be a carpet of blue so I will try and remember to take some photos.  I have posted a picture of a bluebell in case you are not sure what they look like.   I also have put up a picture of a message someone drew on the pavement - I thought this was an inspiring message and something that is very true. 

Keep sending me your emails and photographs - it is great to hear from you all.  If your parents have a YouTube account have a look at this video that Varshika and her sister have made about creating a Seashell Candle Holder - if you didn't have seashells you could possibly use tiny pebbles. 

Take care

Miss Ormonde

3rd April 2020

Thank you Hayden and Paige for sharing your rainbow pictures with me - lovely to hear that you are getting people smiling as they walk past your house.  It would be lovely to see any other rainbow pictures that some of you might have made.  

Me and Florence managed to find time to make our first ever Swiss roll.  I am not sure we got it right when you compare it to the picture that came with the Swiss roll tin.  Baking tired Florence out as you can see - she isn't sleeping standing up but I couldn't turn the picture around so you might have to turn your head.  Sadly for Florence she won't get to taste it as dogs are not allowed cake.  

Mr Maher has taken lots of the photos you have been sending to me and the teachers and has put it in to a newsletter so hopefully your grownups have shared this with you.  Hearing from you and seeing what you are doing at home makes all of us very happy so please keep sending things to me and to your teachers.  

I will be back on Monday so have a lovely weekend!

Take care 

Miss Ormonde 

2nd April

Good evening - I have been in school today so didn't get a chance to write anything earlier.  It is very strange in school without children - we are missing you!  We still have a few children in school and they have been very busy creating a beautiful rainbow to say thank you to all the people who are working in the NHS.  Hopefully it will go up in the window of Year 3.  I know Mr Cuthbert has encouraged his class to make rainbows to go in windows.  Maybe if you do a rainbow you could let me know.  I have had some lovely photographs and letters from some of you so thank you for keeping in touch. 

One of the good thing so far about everyone having to stay at home is that the roads are very quiet and I can get home from work very quickly instead of sitting in queues of traffic!  It helps to think of the good things rather than all the things we can't do at the moment.  I hope you like the picture of the rainbow.

Take care 

Miss Ormonde



1st April 2020

Hello - I thought I would work latest date first then you won't have to scroll for ages to find an update.  It has been lovely to hear from some of you already and I have had photos of some great learning - thank you for sharing these!  Mrs Rawson has also signed me up for Tapestry so I can now see lots of photos of our reception and nursery children doing some lovely activities at home. 

Today I worked at home and Mr Maher was in school.  I had my first 'remote' meeting.  I was quite nervous about doing this as I have not worked like this before but seeing someone on a computer screen and talking to them wasn't too bad.  If we are not back at school after the Easter holidays I think the teachers will be doing some teaching in this way - we might need to practise first.  

As well as keeping up with my work I also planted some bulbs.  That is what the pictures show - before, during and after and you will notice Florence had to be involved.  Hopefully in a few months time the bulbs will have grown in to flowers.

Keep sending me emails to let me know what you are doing with your days.

Take care 

Miss Ormonde 

31st March 2020

Good morning!

I hope you are all feeling okay and that you are getting used to being at home?  It's just over a week since we had to close down so hopefully everyone is settling down in to new routines.  It is very hard not to see you all every day and I expect lots of you are missing your friends and your teachers.  I was trying to think about how I could keep in touch with you and decided I would write you some letters.  I will tell you a little bit about what I am doing and sometimes I will share some photos.  This will help me feel like I am keeping in touch with you.


  I know your teachers are really enjoying hearing from your - I have seen some of the work you are sharing and the messages you have sent.  I have set up an email address if you wanted to stay in touch with me - share some of your learning or just chat through email.   It would be lovely to hear what you are all doing, even if we can't go out or do anything like meet our friends.  We are all getting used to this.  It won't last for every and staying indoors is helping everyone and will hopefully mean we can get back to normal sooner.  The only thing we do know is that we will eventually return to normal.


I am lucky because I have a dog.  She is called Florence and she is a labradoodle.  This means I have a good reason to go out for my one bit of exercise a day.   I thought you would like to see a photo of her - she is trying to look magnificent on a log but just looks a bit silly!  She has a very long tongue and can sometimes look like one of the hyenas from the Lion King.  


I will try and update this regularly and let you know what I have been up to and that I am thinking of you all.  It would be lovely to hear from you and if you want to email me my email address is   - this is just for you (children) and if your parents want to contact me, they know to use our email address.

Take care and stay safe

Miss Ormonde