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Thursday 24th June

Thursday English


What has happened so far in the story.   Watch the film up to 3 minutes 38 seconds – the point when the eyes appear in the darkness of the cave. How did the director/film maker has made the atmosphere seem scary or tense? How we could do that as writers- the fact that everything is old and dark. There is a skeleton up against one tree and there are many faces of ancient stones watching him, which contribute to a negative atmosphere. The tension builds as it seems beautiful (the butterflies) but suddenly changes. Tension builds further as huge eyes appear in the darkness and we do not know who it is. Today I would like you to sequence the key events in the dream section. [From the point when the boy knocks the egg off the bed onto the book, until the eyes appear in the darkness.  Use the sheet below to support your writing.

Year 3 - Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Multiplication and division problem solving