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Thursday 7th May 2020

Dear Year One

Have you been enjoying the sunshine? I sat in my garden yesterday and it was lovely.  I'm waiting for a flower to bloom as I can't remember what colour it is going to be!  It will be a beautiful surprise when it opens.

The Maths work wouldn't upload here today for some reason, so I have put it in the Video section where you will also see today's English.  Go to Children (top of the home page), Video Centre and Year 1 closure work.

I have also uploaded a story for you to enjoy - no work to do - just listen.

On Friday, it's a Bank Holiday which means most grown-ups have some time off work.  I won't be uploading anything for you.  The holiday is special because it is VE Day.   I will put some information about VE day for you to look at and learn why we remember the day.

There is also a song and video from the Teachers and TAs in the Video Centre section too - we are singing and sending messages to you.  Have a look.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Stokley  smiley

English : A picture of Stanley

What colour will it be?