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Good morning

I hope you had a good day yesterday.


Today I would like you to watch Jack and the beanstalk from the link below. (Parents- it's just a YouTube version of Jack and the beanstalk). 

After you have watched it, I would like you to retell it to your teddies. Make sure to include actions, you could even make props to help you retell the story. You might want to make: an axe, a beanstalk, 5 magic beans and a golden hen. 

Extra challenge: Can you draw the characters and tell the story as a show? 



If you can go outside (if you are well enough and stay 2m away from others) go for a walk and collect leaves- you could go into the garden or make leaves from paper. Make sure you collect 10 different ones. Write numbers 1-10 on the leaves and use them to make up some number sentences. 

Extra challenge: Can you record your number sentences? 




Extra activities: 

1.  Read a book to someone (teddy, pet, daddy, mummy, brother, sister etc).

2. Make your own bed. Check with mummy/ daddy how to do it properly.



I know it's tough and parents I know you are trying your best! Keep going! Enjoy spending extra time together. Make sure to make time for lots of stories and cuddles smiley


Speak to you tomorrow, 


Miss Courtnell 

Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale by Oxbridge Baby

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