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Year 6 School Journey

Year 6 School Journey


Welcome to the page about our school journey.  On Tuesday 5th June we left to go to the New Forest.  21 year 6 pupils, Mr Maher, Mr Swift and Mrs Potts made up our group.  I am really looking forward to raft building but I admit I am a bit worried about getting enough sleep!!  We have loads of things to do while we are here.  Keep an eye out for updates!!


We arrived and have had time to settle in. I am in a room with three other boys.  There’s another room with lots of boys in, and then the girls are all in together.  Our building is nice and very clean.  There are really comfy mattresses!  Soon we are going to explore the campsite and have some time to play! 

By Alfie

This afternoon we went to the beach, well, it was more like a harbour with lots of posh boats that we wanted to sail away in.  We went on a long walk and then came back to the campsite.  We had tea, which was spaghetti bologanise; it was amazing!  Then we went to the assault course which was really good fun.  One of the challenges was to climb a huge wall (which Jack OS helped everyone in our team to do) and another was to balance over some tyres.  Unfortunately, some of us got their shoes stuck in the thick mud and had to fish them out.  To end the day we went to the woods and played some hiding games.  The teachers were rubbish at spotting people!! 

Now we are sitting and having a hot chocolate before bed.  Some of us have even had a shower...! 

By Liam

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast of cereal, toast, fruits and a cooked meal, we set off for our ,orning activities.  Our group started with crate stacking.  We had to build the tallest pile of crates we could, climbing to the top each time without falling off.  Other people had to help pulling in the ropes to keep us all safe.  Onlya few people managed to get right to the top before falling off.  After a break, we then went onto archery.  After developing our skills, we had some challenges to do, including popping balloons and seeing how many arrows we could get into a small area.  

By Jack

On Wednesday 6th June, Year 6 had some amazingly exciting activities. These included: backwards cooking, Go-Karting, making pizzas and singing around the campfire. In Go-Karting we were set a challenge to go round the race track blindfolded with someone to guide us. We also got to make are own pizzas and we hade a choice of toppings and got to eat it for dinner. A while after, we went to the campfire and sang so many songs with Ferny Croft members.


By Sola, Sasha and Charlie

Day 3


This morning we did some raft building and it was very co-operative.  We had to build a raft and then trust it in the water but we all fell in!!  We also played areoball where we had to jump on trampolines to try and score points against other players.  We had a BBQ lunch and are shortly going skiing and the beach, after a trip to the campsite shop!

by Tommy