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Week 7 (18th May)

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So learning is going to be a bit different this week.  There are lots of activities (and links to other sites) in the 'something extra' page.  Make sure that you have a go at some of these and send me photos of work or get it on the blog.  When we are back in school, we will be focusing on key skills and transition to secondary school.  Use this week, and the links I have given you, to practice areas you still find tricky in preparation for coming back.




I would like all of you to fill in the form that can be found at:


Highlight the link and copy and paste it into your search bar.  Make sure that you answer every question (even if you do not want a big part).  Remember to click submit!!!


Then once you have done that, I would like you to prepare and work on your audition tape.  It would make a big impression if there were props and costumes and if you had learnt the lines off by heart!  Pick which audition piece to use - maybe think about which character you want to be.