Primary School

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From Stone to Iron Age

This term the children will be learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. We will be looking at how they lived in those times and debating which settlement was the best and why. Year 3 will also explore the tools and farming methods that were used and compare them to the present day.

Cookie Excavation

Year 3 spent an afternoon being archaeologists. They learnt about what archaeology is and how it helps us learn about the past.

Their job was to use two toothpicks to break up the dirt (cookie) and find the artefacts (chocolate chips). We had a competition to see who could get the most artefacts out of their chocolate chip cookie.

Our Half-Term Project

Over half-term the children were asked to create a stone, bronze or iron age house. They created them by drawing pictures, creating posters, using computers, building them using different materials and one group even used cupcakes. They all did a fantastic job with their project and enjoyed looking at each other's work.