Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


Good morning everyone,


It is so lovely to hear from more of you this week. Mr Maher has created a blog on our website, so you can see what other children are up to. This needs to be done via the school website- not Tapestry!!  If you click on 'school closure page' scroll down to a sentence that says "Please click here to access our Blogging Platform" click on that and it will take you to the blog. You will be receiving your username and password in the next few days, but you can have a look through what others have been up to.  



Today I would like you to play some of your phonics games from your pack. You could play 'swat the sound' or hide the sound. Use your sound mats to help you make some real and fake words then you can play buried treasure. Can you make a rubbish bin and a treasure chest? If you can get onto a computer/ tablet, you can play buried treasure on 




Extra activities:
1. Help make lunch.
2. Practise singing your alphabet song very very quietly. You could even record yourself doing it.
3. Put your favourite song on. Try to learn all the words to it and sing along.
4. Make your bed and try to fold your own pjs.

5. Help with the washing up/ doing the dishwasher. 


Parents- if you would like any books changing please let me know and I will sort out as best I can. 


Have a lovely Friday, speak to you on Monday.